Don't Ask Me Why, Just Sigh
after Franz Liszt & Billy Joel
Jeffrey Reid Baker's concert metamorphosis combining Liszt's Etude No. 3 "Un Sospiro" and
Joel's song "Don't Ask Me Why." A virtuoso
8-minute showpiece!.
16 Pages (9" x 12")
Ave Maria (Gounod/Bach)
for Solo Piano
Jeffrey Reid Baker's arrangement of the famous Gounod melody with J. S. Bach's Prelude in C Major. Baker keeps both the Gounod melody and the Prelude intact in this challenging - but fun - version.
8 Pages (9" x 12")
The Spinning Song
Ellmenreich (arr. J. R. Baker)
Jeffrey Reid Baker's jazzy "barnyard" paraphrase on the popular piano student classic. A rhythmic kaleidoscope of "runs and rhythms" to keep you entertained for hours. JRB CD-9004iTunes
8 Pages (9" x 12")

Rachmaninoff Paganini Rhapsody
18th Variation

for Solo Piano
Jeffrey Reid Baker's arrangement is at the intermediate piano level and captures the full sensitiviy and grandeur of the piece while simplifying the reading & technical demands of the piece.
4 Pages (Letter)