Original Music and Arrangements  by 

Jeffrey Reid Baker


Pop Piano

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This song always reminded me of a Chopin Nocturne so I treated it as such.

From the Great American Songbook. I gave this a little classical touch hinting near the end The Great Gate at Kiev .

This actually worked better than I though it would for solo piano. The usual Parsons counterpoint lines are playable.

My favorite song still. The orchestral parts alone are remarkable, A student asked if I could arrange it. I did that note by note. It works.

This is just a boisterous rocker by a rocker. I changed the key to F Major as C major was just too high or too low, 

Billy loves that Beethoven-broken octave bass line  from the 

Pathetique.   I do too.

I personally love the ostinato pattern 

in this tune. It is dark and relentless.  The overlapping lines in the 

RH "just" worked.

I originally learned this piece in D Major in The Great Songs Of The 60's book.  This is the more accurate Righteous Brother Db Major version. 

I did an Irish album about 28 years ago with traditional instrumentations. This was the only piano solo on that production. I've always liked it!

This is my grandest and proudest arrangement to date. It is the Billy Joel song morphed into Liszt's most popular Etude section for section. 

This is a very brash piece and arrangement from the singers fighting return form a heart attack.  Flying fff octaves are a hi-light!


This is a paraphrase of how I heard this song, incl. the sax solo,  when I started playing it by ear in 1977. 

I simply notated that performance.

Brian Wilson loves lots of polyphony. I think I was successful is capturing almost all of it in this arrangement.


Classic Piano

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I referred to this arrangement as Rachmaninoff For The Rest Of Us. The piece  has been made "whole" for one player. Key of C btw. Enjoy!!

This chestnut got a little jazzed up on my Fantastic Favorites  album. My piano teacher from 1958  asked for a piano arrangement. Here it is!

My arrangement had 2 goals. (1) To keep the prelude intact & (2) To make Gounod's melody as  predominant and lush as possible. It worked!


In  the late 90's, my daughter was learning the Solfeggietto and I fancied playing along with her. This was the result. It's quite Rachmaninoff-ian!

I will eventually publish all 4-movements of the Sonata (and arr. of the Cello Sonata). But this is the most beautiful movement  hands down

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